Atmel Studio

Atmel Studio 6.0

This is a platform for programming ATMEL microcontrollers
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Atmel Studio was designed for hardware developers to help them create microcontroller applications, and also debug them. It comes as an integrated development platform that uses Microsoft Visual Studio shell. This program efficiently handles applications written in C/C++ and also in assembly language.

As a former Electronics and Telecommunications student, I know that Atmel microcontrollers are intensively used in this field. A lot of tools for programming these devices are available, but many of them don’t offer support for all of the microcontrollers from Atmel series. Atmel Studio is useful for both students and professionals, and offers a large variety of tools to help them develop and debug microcontroller applications.

This program is highly customizable. By accessing Options or Customize, you get access to a lot of setting options regarding the graphical user-interface or various program modules. Atmel Studio also includes many project templates which can be used for various purposes. They will save you precious time by automatically providing recurring portions of code that are present in multiple project files.

I didn't like that the installation process of Atmel Studio takes long. The program requires many additional components that are downloaded and installed separately.
In my opinion, Atmel Studio has all it takes to help its users create and debug microcontroller applications.

Margie Smeer
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  • Free program
  • It is very useful for hardware developers
  • Includes a lot of tools


  • The installation process takes a while
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